National Medal of Arts Photos

Carter awarded National Medal of Arts on December 20, 2000 in Washington, D. C. For more information, see National Medal of Arts 2000 Press Release.

President Clinton: And because of my musical life, it is a great thrill for me now to honor Benny Carter. A force in the jazz world for over 75 years now. He likes to say, "My good old days are here and now." This attitude, his enduring focus on the future and the present, and his enduring extraordinary talents help to explain how he has marvelously, miraculously continued to compose, arrange, teach and perform music that speaks to the human soul. From the day he picked up his first alto sax, the jazz world has never been the same. Benny Carter, your entire life has been a great riff to the human spirit. We honor you today, still young, at 93.

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At Constitution Hall

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President Clinton and Carter
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Carter at White House Reception

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